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January 29 / / Graphic Novels
October 29 / / Indie

“There are only two kinds of things in this world. The ones that shine, and the ones that don’t. My name is James Finnigan And I mostly concern myself with objects from the first category.” SILVER, written and illustrated by Stephan Franck, is definitely one that shines.


October 16 / / Indie
October 13 / / Indie

Join No’Madd as he embarks on a journey to save the himself and probably more importantly, the world, from slave alien beings and their overlord. The adventure takes place on a planet where the inhabitants wield axes and swords, fight ant-like creatures called Gnats, fly airships, pilot sea vessels, battle autonomous laser-firing robots and God-like super beings! As you can tell, author Andrew Kafoury packs a lot of content into his first series. And rightly so, as several characters are introduced in what the author promises to be the beginning of several graphic novels. Although this first series focuses on No’Madd, each character can potentially have their own back story and adventure.