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December 9 / / Graphic Novels

Haggard West was both the hero that Acropolis needed and deserved. Before the demi-god Battling Boy warped onto the planet, he was only one hero that could fight the monsters. But as we all know, Haggard wouldn’t be here forever. He needed someone to pass the┬áblaster. Who else better than his one and only daughter, Aurora West.


Paul Pope and J.T. Petty’s Battling Boy: The Rise of Aurora West, was an excellent narrative into the life of Aurora West. The book takes place before all the events of the first story. Haggard West and his apprentice and daughter, Aurora West, were the only heroes in town. And being a minor character in the first book, I would argue that her story is actually more interesting than Battling Boy’s.

November 13 / / Reviews

Monsters, demigods, heroes and Acropolis, a city in chaos. With a mandatory curfew to curb child abductions from monsters and ghouls, there’s only one thing this city needs – a hero. That’s where the town superhero, Haggard West, comes in. Except there’s one small problem – he just got blasted out of the sky by the ghouls. Now what?