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December 20 / / Weekend Shorts
December 12 / / Dark Horse Comics

A little bit Image, a bit of Marvel and Dark Horse Comics. We’re going for diversity this week. Check this weeks favorite issues. Let us know your favorite comics this week on twitter or in the comments!

Bitch Planet #1
November 21 / / Weekend Shorts

At this time of year, we all usually reflect on what we’re most thankful for. While family, friends, good health and turkey are nice and all, here at Shortboxed, were thankful for comics, comics and COMICS! Check our latest picks of the week. Let us know which comics, superheroes or supervillians you’re most thankful for in the comments or on twitter.

Spider-Woman #1
November 14 / / Weekend Shorts
November 7 / / Weekend Shorts

Image Comics once again hits a grand slam with their release of Tooth & Claw. Lobo is back and and Gotham Academy is killing it. Check out this weeks picks of the week. At least one of them will tickle your fancy.


October 31 / / Weekend Shorts
The Life After, courtesy of Oni Press
The Life After, courtesy of Oni Press

If you’re like the Shortboxed staff, we have a lot of free time now that baseball has ended. Perfect. More time for comics. This week, we’ve managed to avoid superhero comics and instead have a trio of sci-fi titles. Sit down, and get ready to enjoy Brian K. Vaughn’s favorite Image title of the year, the broken future of mankind, and The Matrix meets What Dreams May Come this week… on Weekend Shorts.

October 24 / / Weekend Shorts

Take a break from the hectic week and cozy up this weekend with our picks of the week. A little DC, a little Marvel and a bit of time travel. All awesome! Let us know what you think in the comments below or on twitter.


Deathstroke #1 from DC Comics kicks off a new solo series for “the world’s greatest mercenary” that anyone can jump into without any prior knowledge of continuity. It’s not an origin story, but instead throws readers right into action with Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) narrating along and giving readers a glimpse into his mind. It’s a very action-filled issue with lots of bloody fight scenes, so if you like your action fast paced and gory, give this premiere issue a read.  Pick it up at your LCS or at

Check out the rest of our weekend picks after the jump.

October 10 / / Weekend Shorts

Today we’ll be starting our recommended reads for the weekend. Some will be stand alone issues, others, the beginning of a saga. Or any kick-ass issues we just want to share. Not all recommendations will be new. Some will be weeks, months, or years old if they’re truly special. But our goal is to recommend books for readers who are short on time, need quick recos or just plain want someone else to decide for you what to read. We’re a small team so if you have any recommendations, shoot us an email in the top right at “Contact Us”. Without further ado, the picks of the week.