SDCC 2015: Saturday

Updated at 9:50pm on July 11th:

What a long day, and I wasn’t at the convention center either! Today, my family decided to check out Legoland in Carlsbad. We borrowed my brother-in-law’s rental car and headed out around 9:30am. On the way, we got a crèpe breakfast and some coffee which helped wake me up a bit. Aiden had been fussy again this morning, so I wasn’t sure how Legoland was going to go.

But we did anyways! Legoland was really fun! It was much larger than I thought. And on a regular day, I would’ve pushed to try to see all the different areas but trying to evolve and put my son’s needs ahead of mine, we only checked out a pretty cool playground with large and small Legos and him and his cousins went on a few rides.

But I was stoked to look at the Star Wars area which was intense! They had different characters lining the walkway down to all the major large scenes of the movies, like Chewie!

The sets were so large, I was super surprised.

Right next to the Star Wars area was specific tourist areas around the United States. Some even had moving vehicles and boats made out of Legos.
One of the coolest things there was The Lego Movie Experience which was a walk through of the the downstairs set in the actual movie! Plus, we got to meet Emmet too!

IMG_7124.JPG  IMG_7126.JPG
IMG_7128.JPG  IMG_7129.JPG
Legoland turned out to be really fun but definitely a multiple day visit is suggested. There was so much to see and with it being a super hot day, we all were trying to find shade for relief the majority of the day. But fun nonetheless.

I didn’t return to the convention center one last time like I wanted but got all I could out of it. It was a great convention and I’ll definitely do a write up of my highs and lows. Thanks for following along on my 6th San Diego Comic-Con trip!

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