SDCC 2015: Thursday

Updated at 4:30am on July 9th:

The timestamp is correct, you didn’t read that wrong. I’m updated at 4:30am in the “Everything” line which to me doesn’t look bad, but at this time of the morning, I’m going with the flow.

The cool thing about being up this early is that the Gaslamp District is completely empty!

IMG_7025.JPG  IMG_7028.JPG
There isn’t much for me to do but wait and see the sunrise. It isn’t too cold which is nice but there isn’t any coffee joints open right now, so I’m a little sad. More updates to come!


Updated at 7:30am on July 9th:

I’m inside the convention center! My 2 buddies and I separated since they’re hunting Hasbro and Lego while I’m sitting in the limited signing drawing line which is right inside the building across Ballroom 20. I’m attempting to draw a winning ticket for the Doctor Who signing. Wish me luck!

Here’s some pics coming into the convention center as they let us in at around 7am:
IMG_7031.JPG  IMG_7032.JPG
More waiting in line! Most people don’t realize that a lot of conventions consists of this. There’s a really good write up about how Hasbro’s Preview Night experience wasn’t that great with people getting hurt and going bananas over things. I’m a fan, too, but this negativity is saddening. This entire week is suppose to be fun and maybe because I’m a dad now, sharing these experiences is paramount over climbing over people for a plastic figure that’ll collect dust on a shelf or worse, a box in the garage!

Walking around, hand in hand, with my nephew, Ethan, was a lot of fun last night because he was pointing at the large comic book banners and Iron Man statues. The wonder in his eyes and amazement in his voice made this entire thing worth it, in my opinion. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

Anyways, here’s that write up about what happened at Hasbro last night: read it here.


Updated at 10:30am on July 9th:

So after waking up at 3:00am and standing in a few lines, I’ve left victorious! I pulled a winning ticket for the Doctor Who limited signing! Oh, man, I’m both relieved and happy to be able to meet the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, and his companion, Jenna Coleman.

I’ll update this post with my experiences and hopefully pictures but for now I’m happy and hope it’s a good sign for the Game of Thrones drawing tomorrow morning.

I’m off to eat some well earned breakfast and coffee!



Updated at 1:30pm on July 9th:

After breakfast, I went to pick up my pre-ordered Comic-Con shirt which was the smoothest line of the entire con!

Then started to make my way back to the convention floor.

IMG_7042.JPG  IMG_7043.JPG
IMG_7044.JPG  IMG_7045.JPG
IMG_7046.JPG And by chance, I spied a spider and it turned out to be Hendoart ! She’s by far my favorite Spider-Gwen. And it was really cool to chat with her about the “other” Spider-Gwen.


Then I hit the floor to take snap some pics of the booths. IMG_7051.JPG
IMG_7052.JPG  IMG_7054.JPG
I even got to chat with Vamp and my buddy and Shortboxed photographer, Jason, took a pic of us on my DSLR. So no pic but imagine Boba Fett cosplay! Yeah, I know, right?! And she’s super chill. She’s one of my favorite cosplayers!

I’m off to meet up with my wife and son before heading back for the Doctor Who signing! Catch you on the flip side!


Updated at 6:15pm on July 9th:

Well, I’m super drained! After chatting with a previous coworker who has the best booth that sells Panda shirts, the last part of the day consisted of waiting for my Doctor Who signing with Michelle Gonzales, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman.

After waiting what seemed an eternity, we were led into the small room where they were all sitting, smiling and chatting with the lucky fans.

We were only allowed one item for them to sign and due to the BBC’s policy, no cell phones or cameras of any kind. It’s too bad because I wanted a picture with Jenna! But I got my newly purchased Comic-Con exclusive Cover B with Clara Oswald on it signed and personalized.

I was able to chat with Michelle Gomez who played Missy aka The Master and she told me never contacted the original Master for notes. She lives in New York and so she actually just flew to the UK for filming and did her best to capture The Master. I told her she did brilliantly!
Peter was fun to chat with as well and we discussed my son’s first Comic-Con trip, and that I hope he becomes a Whovian like me. Then I told him that I really enjoy his season and that he’s edging David Tennant’s Doctor in my eyes. He said that its all about the different incarnations and before I moved to Jenna, he hopes that my son becomes a Doctor Who fan.

Jenna, oh, Jenna. She has this look that can make any guy lose focus. She was still perky after many covered yawns. I told her she was my favorite companion and she beemed at that. She also commented that the comic cover I brought was the first time she had seen it. Cool, a unique experience! We shook hands and that was the end of my Doctor Who limited signing experience! Crazy!

I’m off to call it quits to rest my feet and get some grub. An early morning is ahead of me tomorrow!


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