SDCC 2015: Preview Night

Updated at 9:05am on July 8th:

It’s begun! I’m off to San Deigo for Comic-Con 2015! I’m a tad tired from dinner with my coworkers last night but got Jamba Juice to fuel my nerd core! Boarding my flight very soon!

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day and will have new posts per day that I’m at the convention. It’ll be a mix of actual convention stuff and the outside installations. So hope you check back often!


Updated at 9:20am on July 8th:

We got seats right next to each other! Here’s my crew on the plane! So far, best con ever!
IMG_6975.JPG  IMG_6976.JPG
 Updated at 2:05pm on July 8th:

So I’m in San Diego! And of course, my second line of the day (the first was the airport bathroom that snaked outside. Yeah, crazy). But I got my Trade Professional badge super quick and now I’m in line for the exhibit line. Woot! Line con begins!

But as I wait with everyone else, here’s some pics I took on my phone to get me to this point.

IMG_6981.JPG  IMG_6983.JPG
IMG_6985.JPG  IMG_6990.JPG
IMG_6992.JPG  IMG_6993.JPG

Updated at 6:50pm on July 8th:

So they finally let us onto the convention floor at around 5:40pm! So I’ve been here for about an hour and I’m tired! This’ll be a quick update as I stand in line at Quantum Mechanix with all my Firefly buddies. So more pics to come!

More exclusive hunting!


Updated at 11:15pm on July 8th:

IMG_6995.JPG  IMG_6996.JPG
Man! I’m knackered! Preview Night was a success and it’s a weird feeling to be done with all the exclusives I wanted. Some weren’t meant to be because an artist didn’t have his set of prints tonight so I thought it was a sign.
Like I said, I did all my exclusive hunting tonight and came away with a pretty good haul. My first trip was to J. Scott Campbell because he had an exclusive laminated lanyard card that came with your purchase. So naturally I had to go there first.

Next up, I was making my way to Marvel but my twin brother said they capped the line so I went to Dark Horse for my Game of Thrones fix. The line attendants were super nice and I actually got through the line quickly.

The last big thing I wanted to get was the Firefly premium set at Quantum Mechanix. This line was actually the longest of the night for me but worth it because I chatted with Firefly fans alike.

The set came with a ton of cool Firefly stuff including a shirt, buttons, bracelet, and a limited edition coin.

Here are some cool displays at their booth.

IMG_7004.JPG  IMG_7005.JPG
IMG_7006.JPG  IMG_7007.JPG
After this, I kind of wandered around and took some quick pics. I want to take better pictures tomorrow when I’m not lugging several oversized bags. So stay tuned for that!

IMG_7009.JPG  IMG_7012.JPG

I even ran into a previous coworker while going for a snack run! How crazy was it that I happened to be walking down the same area as him! Crazy!



One of the last purchases of the night was a hoodie that I’ve been waiting to buy from SDCC. And I got it at the “Tower of Shirts” aka Stylin Online. My new Captain America hoodie! IMG_7020.JPG
I was do tired and admittedly, sweaty from walking around with tons of bags that I opted to miss the blogger meet up hosted by Tony Kim aka Crazy4ComicCon. I kind of regret it now because Gene texted me saying that the party was pretty awesome and that people knew who we were! That’s amazing to me. And tells me that this site we put together is getting traction and not just a fun hobby that we all put our time into.

But with an early morning tomorrow, I’m getting some much needed rest to hit Day 2 strong! I’ll have a new post tomorrow! As for Preview Night, that’s all she wrote!





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