SDCC Guide: A Veteran’s Perspective

As a new editor to Shortboxed, I always knew that San Diego Comic-Con would be a big topic for us to write about, thus the SDCC Guides were born. But even though it is an exciting topic to write about in hopes our fearless readers would find value in them, this year’s SDCC is special because I’ll be returning to San Diego after not attending last year. And my return will be the inaugural visit of my 16-month year old son, Aiden Marcus. This won’t be his first comic book convention, but definitely his first time in San Diego and the awesomeness that is SDCC.


I’ve enjoyed attending the show in past years and hope that what I learned from those visits is applied to my future trips. The guides that I’ve posted are learnings from my SDCC trips so there were some heartache and stressful trips. But that’s the nature of the game and if there’s some tips and tricks to be taken out of my ramblings, then by all means, apply them to your own SDCC experience.

SDCC has been a fun experience since I first attended, and the biggest thing I learned is that even though I roam alone to the panels, exhibitors, and signings, I never really feel alone because I’m surrounded by like-minded people. I’ve met some super awesome nerds just by waiting in line in the early morning. People are friendly and just willing to chat about nerd things. So come out of your shell a little and make a new friend! I typically carry a simple nerd business card with my social media accounts, and most people do the same. Conventions are social experiences, as well, so make a new connection!

As a comic fan first, I’m always a little jaded with all the non-comic things at SDCC but what SDCC has become is more of a pop culture show, therefore, it caters to all different types of interests. And as a word of advice, this show is ginormous and you won’t be able to see everything. It’s impossible. If you realize that early on, you’ll enjoy the show so much more. The question becomes what do you really want to see? List out your priorities and then choose wisely. A lot of the panels and such are commitments because you’ll have to get in line hours before, and sometimes, much much earlier. So don’t be sad you miss out on some things. Even a veteran can’t see everything, but that’s what makes this show so exclusive and special. You’ll learn early on what’s important to you once quick decisions need to be made. All I can say is, go with your gut!

This year is going to be a different type of SDCC for me since my son will be with me. I’ve always wanted to enjoy San Diego and the outside installations, so I’m going to take advantage that. I’ve become an attendee that is really picky on what I spend my time on, especially when a lot of that time is spent waiting in line. So being able to check out the city and all the cool outside the convention activities will be a fun first time experience. And you’ll probably see a guide on this next year!

I can go on and on about my experiences and some tips I’d like to extend but all the stuff I’ve  written about in my guides are based on my experiences, so make some mistakes on your own and learn from them. SDCC is a big ordeal every year, especially with the hassle of getting badges, hotel accommodations, and the parking lottery. So you’ll learn early on what you should and shouldn’t do if you plan to make this a yearly tradition and trip.

I hope to jot down my daily experiences in individual posts while I’m in San Diego, so watch out for that. I’m hoping to post a ton of pictures and thoughts throughout the convention. I’m really excited and hope that we can meet our awesome Shortboxed readers at SDCC. I’ll be tweeting a lot during the show so connect with me on Twitter here. But until then, I hope the guides were helpful and good luck down in San Diego!

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