Eating Crowe: Image Delivers Entire Spawn Library Digitally

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Here at shortboxed, we are advocates of the physical medium of comic books. The tactile feel of the pages as we scrutinize the art, the story, the lettering… we feel it simply can’t be beat. But sometimes the utility and ease of digital comics reminds us that there is a place for both formats.


For example, I wanted to read the entire Joe Kelly run of Deadpool. Now I can either go hunt down all of those floppies (which would take time, a lot of money, and even more luck — unless I bought a huge run from eBay), or I can buy the GIANT Deadpool Omnibus (I did this). But this… tome of hilarity and ass-kicking is simply not fit for any sort of mobility. I can’t bring it on a train or airplane with any sort of ease. The thing’s a monster. I mean – LOOK AT IT. Don’t avert your eyes!

Deadpool Omnibus is massive at

If you follow our Instagram, you know that one of us (me) is a huge Spawn fan. I picked up a NM Spawn #1 signed by Todd McFarlane — and I was just planning out my approach to collecting the entire series. Unlike my other Shortboxed compatriots, I have little patience for collecting giant runs of 20+ year old comics. And then this came along.

spawn #1 signed by Todd McFarlane

Do I love physical comics? Yeah. But I also love me some convenience. Looks like I’ll be able to take the entire Spawn library with me on the bus.

No. We were not paid by Image to promote this. I just love Spawn, OK?

via Image Comics

“Image Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions are pleased to announce that the entire 250-issue library of SPAWN, the classic series created by Image Comics co-founder and President Todd McFarlane, is now available in digital format for the first time ever. SPAWN will be available to fans on, iBooks, Google Play, and

SPAWN #250 marks a huge milestone for McFarlane, who first released SPAWN #1 in 1992. SPAWN is one of the longest running independent comic books in history and now fans can immerse themselves in 23 years and 250 issues of SPAWN with the simple swipe of a fingertip.

“For fans waiting to jump back into Spawn, this is the perfect time,” said McFarlane. “Issue #250 marks the long anticipated return of the original Spawn, Al Simmons.”

And as if the long-awaited digital release of one of the most beloved creator-owned comics series wasn’t enough to thrill fans, comiXology will offer exclusive bundling—for a limited time—providing SPAWN fans with an easy, discounted opportunity to enjoy the whole collection.

From February 4-9, customers can choose from the following bundles:

SPAWN issues #1-124 for $99.99:
SPAWN issues #125-250 for $99.99:
SPAWN issues #1-250 for $174.99:

Included with each bundle purchase is exclusive content from issue #250 featuring behind-the-scenes material that is not available anywhere else in digital or print format.”


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