Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity at Long Beach Comic Expo


It’s easy to forget that, in the comic industry (and everywhere else, for that matter), we still need to fight for diversity. We’ve featured a few different creators that keep diversity top of mind, and we wanted to highlight an event where you can go to hear about diversity in the comic industry. If you’re going to Long Beach Comic Expo, this one’s for you.

Let’s introduce you to the keynote Speaker, Reginald Hudlin, and the person that the award was named after, Dwayne McDuffie.

Reginald Hudlin was the executive producer and writer of the Black Panther animated series, which premiered following

regia successful multi-year comicbook run. Hudlin’s stories reinvigorated the classic super hero for Marvel. He was also executive producer of The Boondocks animated series, andwill be the Keynote Speaker at the first ever Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity event, to be held next month at Long Beach Comic Expo.

“We’re delighted that Reginald Hudlin will join us for the first ever Dwayne McDuffie Award event for Diversity,” said Martha Donato, Executive Director of Long Beach Comic Con & Expo. “The Award honors the remarkable legacy of Dwayne McDuffie and recognizes those working in the comic book industry who continue to champion diversity.”

Dwayne McDuffie is best known as the co-founder and creator of Milestone Media. He was a Story Editor on the KIDS

swayneWB’s Emmy Award-winning animated series STATIC SHOCK, which he co-created. He was also a Producer and Story Editor on Cartoon Network’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. He was Editor-In-Chief of Milestone Media’s award-winning line of comic books, managing an editorial operation which boasted the best on-time delivery record in the industry for nearly four years running and has also worked as an editor for Marvel Comics and Harvey Entertainment. As a writer, Dwayne created or co-created more than a dozen series, including DAMAGE CONTROL, DEATHLOK II, ICON, STATIC, XOMBI, THE ROAD TO HELL and HARDWARE. He wrote stories for dozens of other comics, including, SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, THE TICK, CAPTAIN MARVEL, AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT, BACK TO THE FUTURE, HELLRAISER, ULTRAMAN, (The Artist Formerly Known As) PRINCE and X-O MANOWAR.

Dwayne won the 2003 HUMANITAS PRIZE for “Jimmy,” a STATIC SHOCK script about gun violence in schools. He was nominated for two EMMY AWARDS for the TV series STATIC SHOCK, a WRITERS GUILD AWARD for the TV series JUSTICE LEAGUE and three EISNER AWARDS for his work in comic books. His comic book work won eleven PARENTS’ CHOICE AWARDS, six “Best Editor” awards, and a GOLDEN APPLE AWARD for his “use of popular art to promote and enhance human dignity.”

The ceremony will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday February 28 at 2 PM PT.

The five finalists for the first Dwayne McDuffie Award  for Diversity will be announced in February with the winner announced at the Expo event. To learn more about the award and purchase tickets to Long Beach Comic Expo, please visit www.longbeachcomicexpo.com. You can also follow Long Beach Comic Expo on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and information.

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