Weekend Shorts: Picks of the Week

A little bit Image, a bit of Marvel and Dark Horse Comics. We’re going for diversity this week. Check this weeks favorite issues. Let us know your favorite comics this week on twitter or in the comments!

Bitch Planet #1

 We’re very excited to dive into Bitch Planet – the new Image book by the wonderful Kelly Sue Deconnick, who’s currently writing Captain Marvel. Bitch Planet is a story set in a future in which women who are deemed unworthy by society (criminals, adulterer and the like) are sent to a prison planet run by men. Deeply rooted social commentary on real-life issues we’re seeing today, and wrapped in the comic format by one of the best writers? We’re in! Pick it up at your LCS or Image Comics.

Thor #3

Thor was our #1 staff picks of the 2014 only 2 issues in! The 3rd issue came out this week and it doesn’t disappoint. The writing style, the art, the humor is absolutely perfect. Issue 2 left us hanging with Thor separated from Mjolnir, her hammer and surrounded by Malekith, King of the Dark Elves and an army of frost giants. Find out how she gets out of this little problem. This is a must read! Available at your LCS or at Marvel.com soon.


Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #1 is the quintessential introductory issue. Alright, maybe not the best pitch for a new comic, but hear me out. At Shortboxed we’re all about beginnings, and when you get a chance to be re-introduced to a beloved cult character, like Hellboy, you have to do it. Hellboy’s origin story is retold succinctly, and he’s about to go out on his first mission. A paranormal presence is slaughtering people in Brazil. Hellboy and a small squad of B.P.R.D. agents are sent to investigate. In this issue, you don’t have the snarky, confident Ron Perlman Hellboy of the movies. In B.P.R.D. we get the teenage, unsure, and awkward Hellboy. Fret not, those of you growing weary of coming of age tales, this promises to be something different. Why the recommendation? I’m a big fan of jumping on points. Mignola and Co will not disappoint you. I promise.

If this is your first time visiting Shortboxed, thanks for stopping by! We want to provide a place online where people new to comics can come and learn about the culture and be introduced to some amazing stories without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. We’re always adding new content, so please come back soon! You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr at @shortboxed.

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