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Thoughts of saving the world, being a hero and chosen ultimate warrior is affixed in all our imaginations. Meeting fairies, fantastic creatures and battling armies and overloads is what day dreams are made of. But what happens after the adventure is over is anything but living happily ever after.
Birthright #2

The mystery behind Birthright created by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan isn’t about where the little boy Mikey Rhodes on that fateful afternoon disappeared to, but rather what happened to him while he was gone. And what he plans to do now that he’s back. Magically returning to normal civilization several years after his disappearance, investigators, police and family have all but given up finding the lost boy. All convinced that his own father had killed him. But Mikey somehow comes back to normal civilization. Not only that, Mikey seemed to have aged at least 2 or more decades more than present time. And, he’s apparently bad-ass warrior.
However, as you’ll discover, there’s something mysterious about the return of the young boy. Not everything he’s telling the police is truthful. His agenda on the outside shows that he’s a valiant warrior, saving the world of Terrana from the evil King Lore. A world where fairies, trolls, magic and terrible evil exists. But Mikey has a different agenda on Earth. And it’s everything but good.
The art by Andrei Bressan and Andriano Lucas is good. But I feel the artistic style for the story is more fitting for the fantasy world than the real world. Perhaps it was on purpose. The real world is rather plain, a bit boring.  But when it comes to the fantasy world, I feel a lot more detail is expressed. 
Birthright art by Bressan and Lucas
Written by Joshua Williamson, he’s created a riveting fantasy and real world. Where both are about to clash. The story is deep and has several main characters. As the first couple issues of Birthright set the reader up in the real world. We all are way more eager to know what went down in Terrana. Joshua Williamson promises an epic adventure. There’s something special about Birthright and I hope it’s able to maintain it’s momentum. 
Joshua Williamson, courtesy of DC Comics
Birthright is easily one of our favorite ongoing series this year. The real world clashes with fantasy. To what extent , we’ll have to keep reading the series to find out. 3rd issue comes out this week. Can’t wait!
Birthright #3

Where to get it

You can still get the first issues 1-3 at many LCS. Or you can buy it at
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