Weekend Shorts: Picks of the Week

Image Comics once again hits a grand slam with their release of Tooth & Claw. Lobo is back and and Gotham Academy is killing it. Check out this weeks picks of the week. At least one of them will tickle your fancy.


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new Image Comics series Tooth & Claw by writer Kurk Busiek and artist Benjamin Dewey – and rightfully so. Described as Conan meets Kamandi meets Game of Thrones, Tooth & Claw brings high fantasy to the comics realm with grand storytelling and world building full of wizards, swords, sorcery, gods, mystery, blood and death, all through the lens of anthropomorphized animals. We’re really excited for this book and can’t wait to dive in this weekend. Only $2.99, too! Pick it up at your LCS or imagecomics.com


“Listen here, ya bastich” – Your favorite foul-mouthed Czarnian, Lobo, is back. But this isn’t your dad’s Lobo; the one that looked like an extra from Sons of Anarchy. Written by Cullen Bunn, this new series will explore the Lobo underneath the long flowing stache and leather jackets. This is a perfect time to be introduced to Lobo, a favorite but under-the-radar hero/villain, as Bunn promises to explore the lesser known facets of Lobo, he writes “He had a life, a job, a family, a lover long before he became the cruel, devious man-hunter we’ll see in this series. We’re going to look at what shaped him into the coldblooded killer he is today.” Lobo is only 2 issues deep – so you can jump in immediately. Pick it up at your LCS or dccomics.com



Gotham Academy from DC Comics is one of the most fun reads right now, and it’s only 2 issues in. Set in Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school, it’s got weird characters, spooky mysteries, strange occurrences and even visits by their biggest benefactor, Mr. Bruce Wayne himself. However, this isn’t a Batman series – it follows an interesting and lovable cast of students as they try to solve mysteries while dealing with teen drama. It may be a young adult book, but it’s a breath of fresh air and simply fun to read. Pick it up at your LCS or dccomics.com

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