Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 Cosplay Roundup

Cosplay and comic conventions go hand in hand. Every year, the cosplay community gets bigger, broader and crazier. Stan Lee’s Comikaze was no exception. People from all around the world traveled to L.A. to share their love for the art of cosplay. Expressing oneself through costume is no easy task. Weeks, if not months, of work were required to create some of the most awesome costumes you’ll ever see in person. But most people from all walks of life don’t cosplay to create best costume in the room, they cosplay because they’re able to express themselves and feel empowered in a community that holds no judgment. The Shortboxed team was able to snap some photos of these awesome cosplayers. Check it out after the jump and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments or on twitter.


raphael_ninja_comikaze_cosplayred_megaman_comikaze_cosplayharley_comikaze_cosplay riddler_superman_comikaze_cosplay lady_robin_comikaze_cosplay link_comikaze_cosplay lady_deadpool_comikaze_cosplay 1_comikaze_cosplay jackbox_comikze_cosplay fury_comikaze_cosplay radioactive_comikaze_cosplay r2_c3_comikaze_cosplay futurama_cosplay airbender_comikaze_cosplay lady_dr_strange_comikaze_cosplay black_widow_comikaze_cosplay avengers_comikaze_cosplay rocket_comikaze_cosplay steampunk_comikaze_cosplay raiden_comikaze_cosplay maggie_glenn_comikaze_cosplay gaurdians_comikaze_cosplay DC_group_comikaze_cosplay starlord_rocket_comikaze_cosplay red_skull_starlord_comikaze_cosplay shredder_comikaze_cosplay kid_deadpool_comikaze_cosplay deathstroke_comikaze_cosplay cap_merica_winter_comikaze_cosplay walle_eve_comikaze_cosplay green_arrow_comikaze_cosplaydeadpool_comikazee_cosplay

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