Recommended Reading: Silver Volume 1

“There are only two kinds of things in this world. The ones that shine, and the ones that don’t. My name is James Finnigan And I mostly concern myself with objects from the first category.” SILVER, written and illustrated by Stephan Franck, is definitely one that shines.


Inspector Myrick urgently notifies the program director that her silver auction is in jeopardy. He’s got word that one, James Finnigan, is about to make a heist on the rare silvers collection. You see, Finnigan is rather notorious in these parts. Executing several heists in the last 10 years, he and his other two partners have made a nice little profit of 5 million dollars. So when the inspector explains to the security guards that Finnigan is coming their way, they don’t bat an eye. He’s the real deal and a tough cookie to catch. Anyways, the inspector has a clever plan to nab him. All the security guards would hide in the room’s broom closet. Brilliant! When Finnigan inevitably comes in, arrest him. Easy peasy.

One twist though. The inspector IS James Finnigan. And the shooting begins shortly.


When the heist inevitably goes awry, Finnigan’s team finds themselves in disarray. Virtually all their money they have saved is gone. Everyone’s done, kaput. It’s over. However, there was a silver lining after the failed job. Finnigan happened to come across a large ancient shiny silver bar. Which happens to rest at Count Dracula’s castle. One of the few remaining people who knows of the treasure is the surviving grand daughter of one Abraham Van Helsing, Miss Rosalynd Sledge. And guess what? She followed in her grand father’s footsteps and decided to pursue a career in vampire hunting.


Finnigan recruits Sledge, and a few other misfits with that one special quality. Especially one boy who helped him in the beginning of the story during the heist that, apparently, has psychic or precognitive powers which provide an interesting layer to their adventure. Their goal: steal the silver treasure in a castle full of vampires. Again, easy peasy.


Silver, by Stephan Franck is cleverly written and illustrated. The volume one paper back covers the first 3 issues of this series. James Finnigan is the type of antihero with whom readers are immediately enamored. He’s quick witted and confident. Silver is narrated in the first person by James Finnigan, as he explains his decisions and foibles. The story is reminiscent of Indiana Jones with a bit of National Treasure. Hell, there’s even a Short Round-ish character in it.

shortround     equalsign    notshortround

The art is good. There’s a certain charm to reading a black and white graphic novel with a setting in the 1930s. It feels right and just works. Though, having a look at the colored prints of the novel on, I’d have to recommend to the publisher that it looks so much better in color. But, I’ll understand the decision to keep the vibe and setting monotone.

Stephan Franck has a history of accomplishments. From Space Jam to Iron Giant to How to Train Your Dragon, his resume stacks up as an animator and a writer. Dark Planet Comics is his own publishing company. I look forward to his future work. Especially any new issues of Silver! Oh, and there’s a trailer!

Does this get Shortboxed?

It’s just the beginning of the Silver series. And so far, it’s pretty good. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for James Finnigan and team.

Where to get it

Currently, Silver Volume 1 is being sold at conventions and available on or Though individual issues are for sale on

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