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I’m really digging the writing, art and creative style of creator Rich Foster. His ability to convey a strong, immersed short story that is ‘Red Giant: The Baron Goes Hunting’ is promising. It opens up a world in which most readers would desire more issues. I sure do.

So we have this Baron. He created this technologically advanced green bunny. The green bunny has a trans-dimensional psychic shield. Whatever that is. Either way, the Baron and his green Bunny were partners, you see. They conquered many high places together, eventually becoming the champion – the Baron of the Jenga tower, I mean the sky tower. He ruled the tower until one day, it’s existence was threatened. Something called the Enigma Symbiote. Now, we don’t really know what this Enigma Symbiote is. But all we know is that the Red Giant is the cause and it “MUST…DIE”. After creating an ‘Outerland Transport’, he gathers his all-star team, the lab scientist, the engineer, the navigator and of course, the green bunny. And they go off on their journey to kill the Red Giant. What happens next?

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It’s hard not to find a deeper meaning in the story, in it’s philosophy. I’m hoping Rich Foster is motivated to create more books. He’s a fantastic artist who’s able to bring out quirky and unforgettable character features. Everything about the book is high quality. This journey is short and sweet. With a nice big twist at the end. What is the Red Giant? Is it real? Is the Baron real? Is anything real?! You’ll have to read it to find out. If more issues come out, we’ll make sure to update our review.

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Does this get Shortboxed?

Its one of our favorite indie books we picked up from the Alternative Press Expo. In terms of potential, there sure is a lot of it. It’s also one of our weekend picks last week. If Rich Foster can continue to create similar stories or even continuations of existing books, we’d continue to pick it up. So yes, this gets shortboxed.

Where to get it

Rich Foster is a self published indie writer and artist. He’s currently selling “Red Giant: The Baron Goes Hunting” at local comic shops in San Francisco. Or you can buy it on his site at

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