Weekend Shorts: Picks of the Week

Today we’ll be starting our recommended reads for the weekend. Some will be stand alone issues, others, the beginning of a saga. Or any kick-ass issues we just want to share. Not all recommendations will be new. Some will be weeks, months, or years old if they’re truly special. But our goal is to recommend books for readers who are short on time, need quick recos or just plain want someone else to decide for you what to read. We’re a small team so if you have any recommendations, shoot us an email in the top right at “Contact Us”. Without further ado, the picks of the week.

Holy Guacamole! Stop reading this sentence and get “Wytches” now! Synder and Jock’s newest work was released this week. And this ain’t your normal witch on a broom stick. Oh no siree! These ‘wytches’ are grotesque primordial beings with all types of evil powers to unleash. Could this be the next ‘The Walking Dead”? The formula sure is familiar. Pro-tip, don’t read this at night. And remember, “Pledged is pledged”. Most comic shops should have this, or get it at Image Comics




“Low” by Remender and Tocchini created an awesome take on a real apocalyptic event. The Sun’s expansions forced humanity to live undersea for thousands of years while space probes look for any inhabitable planets. Many cities were formed. They fight and hunt giant sea creatures and of course, the occasional human to human altercation is inevitable. This brilliant aquatic sci-fi/fantasy just started. Only on it’s third issue. Get it while it’s hot at Image Comics or your local comic shop.




Is the Baron a hero, a genius or a psychopath? He rules the sky tower but must venture out with his cybernetic green bunny he created to destroy the Red Giant, who’s apparently responsible for the tower’s eventual demise. This stand alone issue is fantastically written and the story leaves you wanting more. Definitely one of our favorite pick ups at the Alternative Press Expo (APE). Rich Foster is a self published indie writer and artist. He’s currently selling “Red Giant: The Baron Goes Hunting” at local comic shops in San Francisco. Or you can buy it on his site at rfcomics.com




One of the bigger releases this week was AXIS, a new events featuring The Avengers and the X-Men. Written by Rick Remender, the heroes face an even more powerful version of the Red Skull – the Red Onslaught, hell bent on leading the world into World War Hate. It’s very fast paced and features a lot of action, but the best thing about this event is that it’s preceded by a very succinct summary of all the events that led up to it, so you can feel comfortable hopping right into this first issue if you haven’t read the major story arcs in the March to AXIS. Grab it at your local comic book store or digitally at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop.


If this is your first time visiting Shortboxed, thanks for stopping by! We want to provide a place online where people new to comics can come and learn about the culture and be introduced to some amazing stories without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. We’re always adding new content, so please come back soon! You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr at @shortboxed.

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